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Art + Science + Technology = Success


We're a small "Art Factory" that creates digital & print solutions , most often, by hand. We brainstorm, design and deploy engaging digital & print solutions. Each project harmoniously combines art, science, and technology to postively impact business, and hopefully enhance people's lives. With decades of experience creating simple solutions for complex problems, we collaborate with clients to understand, document, and dissect their specific needs, then create data-driven solutions that not only look professional and promote the brand, but meet and exceed the business objectives.

An object or tool made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest.
We work well alone, or collaboritively engage with senior management, or small to large marketing & production teams. Together, we've developed numerous ground-breaking digital projects across multiple industries, and have improved, and even saved many lives. With countless client interactions, and integrated marketing projects produced, we understand projects not only from "cradle to grave," but from "conception through resurrection." We're always generating new ideas, and finding ways to utilize existing material in new ways.
From medicine & heathcare, manufacturing and retail sales, our 20+ years of real-world experience is an asset to you, your team, and your business. Our consultative approach helps you understand the design process and technology used, and then, let's you focus and concentrate on your business. You're an expert in your field, but you may not know or understand the importance of building your brand, the ins & outs of social networking, or how your SEM activities may impact your SEO. In an ever changing digital environment, it's good to partner with a trusted source who can guide you with sound advice, and proven service.

Something observed in a scientific investigation occuring from an investigative procedure.
Artifactorie is a boutique creative design firm. We work with a small number of clients, and give them exceptional, personalized customer service. We truly embrace your business, your products and services, and believe that through your success, we succeed. We build trust with clients through honesty, integrity, and perseverance, and always try to exceed a clients expectations, delivering projects on time, and on budget. Do you have a project?
Try us, I'm sure you'll like us.



We take the time to understand your mission, learn about your business & product, and understand the competitive market.



We work with you to create concepts that either establish or support your existing brand and culture, and build engaging solutions.



We test to ensure solutions work the first time, everytime, and guarantee the solutions are delivered on-time and at or under budget.


Be Nice, Honest, and Create "The Magic"

Kyle McNeir

Chief Creative Officer

"I personally collaborate with each and every client, from day one through the life of every contract, to ensure your success."

I am fortunate to work and partner with a vast number of well-recognized, Fortune 500 brands, as well as Mid-size & Small businesses in avariety of markets. Working daily with varying cross-functional teams, and a wide variety of marketing & development professionals, from C-Level executives to interns just starting out, I am also fortunate to be challenged daily. I have extensive experience in a startup environment, and managing large-scale enterprise projects with leading global brands in the role of Creative Director / VP of Product Strategy, leading a corporate in-house design agencies, and now as Chief Creative Officer for ARTIFACTORIE, this unique, boutique creative design agency.

With decades of hands-on experience, I've put on quite few hats. As an Illustrator, 2D/3D Animator, Interactive Multimedia & Graphic Designer, Video/Audio Producer/editor, Project & Product Manager, Art/Creative Director, Brand Ambassador, and Integrated Marketer leading strategic and tactical solutions, I've managed the development and deployment of award-winning digital and print solutions, as well as implemented integrated marketing campaigns across conventional and emerging marketing channels, including print, digital, point-of-sale, and social media. I've implemented numerous branding & rebranding and design efforts for large-scale, corporate content marketing efforts, and have assisted hundreds of clients increase market share and grow revenues. In working directly with clients, I've developed strong relationships to deliver strategic and emotionally-resonant creative solutions that successfully achieve business goals.

I'm proud to have developed products that have had a positive global impact, and have made the lives of people around the globe, simply better. I'm also proud to help business owners realize their dreams bu making the buisness successful. Do you have a project? I'd like to hear more, share ideas, and be a part of your success.

Making A Difference, Daily.

We work with our clients the way they want to work. We meet when and how you want to meet, and we create what you need to be successful. We suggest innovative solutions and ensure the technology works, each an everytime. If there is a problem...we fix it.
We're the Small Creative Studio Maufacturing Big Results. We're Artifactorie.